The legacy of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

My latest article for Affairs Today is up! 

I didn't actually pick this topic, the news editor posted on the staff page asking if anyone wanted to cover it and I volunteered. I had never actually even heard of Scalia before, probably because I don't follow American case law or case outcomes. I thought that seeing as I had a law background (in the loosest sense of the phrase), however, that it would come in handy when researching and writing about the different cases that he's been involved in/decided on and therefore that I would be suited to the topic. 

Although it is very sad that the man is dead, his views and opinions were polar opposites to mine.I don't agree with any of his decisions or dictas and I definitely didn't agree with his ideas about originalism. If you don't know what that is (which I didn't until I read up on him), it's explained in the article. It's a very old school way of American thinking and one which I do not think makes any sense. But, decide for yourselves!

Hope you like it! Give me some feedback! It would be greatly appreciated.


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