Zombie Shaped Shortbread

I went through a bit of a shortbread-craze a week ago. Not only did I make a few chocolate-dipped chocolate shortbread cookies...

... but I also made a few batches of Nigella Lawson's easy shortbread cookies.

What made them even better was that I used these cute zombie shaped cookie cutters. 

You can buy your own on Amazon! They're only £4!
What better way to celebrate Halloween, a themed party or just any random day where you feel like biting into a cookie in the shape of the undead, than by baking shortbread in the shape of zombies!

Its so fun to make your own dough! To see it all come together, roll it out and cut it out into any shape you want is so satisfying. Plus, covering the shortbread cookies in loads of sugar is always a great shout. 

Let me know what you think of these shortbread recipes! And if you buy these zombie shaped cookie cutters!


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