Brie and Camembert Mac and Cheese

A couple of mac and cheese posts are going to be coming your way in quick succession because I've gone through a bit of a mac and cheese phase recently.

It all started when I found my new favourite food blog: Spoon Fork Bacon.
I was browsing through their recipes and quickly bookmarked two mac and cheese ones. I read them out to my mum and she was determined to have this one for dinner that night. And who could blame her. Brie and camembert together in one creamy pot of mac and cheese goodness? Sounds amazing, right? Well, it was.

Yes the topping looks a tad burnt, but who doesn't love an extra crispness to their meal? 
Just look how yummy that looks. All that bie and camembert just melted together to make such an ooey-gooey-yummy cheesy sauce and the specks of whole grain mustard that you can see [the recipe calls for Dijon but I used whole grain instead] gave it just a little tang. 

The only thing missing was some salty, crispy bacon which would have pushed it over the edge into food of the Gods. Because everyone knows that everything is better with bacon. So what did we do with the leftovers that we were saving for lunch the next day?

Fried up some bacon to top the mac and cheese with, of course. I highly recommend anyone trying out this recipe to do the same because it really just completes the dish.

Anyone wanting to try out this yummy recipe can find it here:

Happy cooking!


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