Spicy Baked Mac and Cheese

Finally posting the other mac and cheese recipe that I used recently!

Sorry that it took so long. I've been writing a lot of articles for Affairs Today recently so my blog has kind of been put on the back-burner... But now I'm back!

I made this recipe because a friend of mine said that he was craving mac and cheese and asked if I would make some for him. As I said in the last mac and cheese post, I was browsing through Spoon Fork Bacon and found a few recipes - this being one of them. I knew that my friend likes spicy foods so I thought that this recipe would be perfect to make for him. And I was right! It says that it feeds between 6-8 but there were 3 of us... and we finished it all. Oops!

This one is completely different to the brie and camembert mac and cheese I made. Mostly because the cheese's used aren't as strong and it's not quite as saucey and it is pretty spicy. I think it was a bit too spicy for me but it was still enjoyable! 

There's a big divide between mac and cheese lovers. You either love it when there's loads of sauce or you love it when it's baked and the pasta soaks up all the sauce. I think I'm definitely more of a sauce-y mac and cheese kind of girl so I prefer the brie and camembert recipe, but for all you baked mac and cheese lovers out there who like a bit of a kick to your food, this recipe is definitely for you!

Let me know what you think!


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