Victim blaming - Stanford rape case

Latest opinion article for Affairs Today is up! By latest, I mean it was actually posted on the 19th June... Still relevant though!

This piece is on the infamous Stanford rape case and how this case was the latest evidence for the culture of victim blaming that is prevalent in our society. 

Unfortunately for this victim, and for so many others, the court and the media focused more on what she had done on that night to have this awful assault happen to her and how this would affect the assailant's life and his swimming career, instead of focusing on the terrible act that Turner had committed and how it will haunt this girl and her family for the rest of their lives. More blame was placed on the victim for being drunk than on Turner, who had sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. Whilst the fact that he was drunk gave an excuse for his actions, the idea that the victim was also drunk somehow meant that she had been asking for this to happen to her. This double standard is all too often prevalent in many rape cases.

Have a read and let me know what you think!


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