Family Dinner at Valentino's!

So for my last proper family meal in Singapore before I fly back to Glasgow, we went to Ristorante de Valentino in Turf City. 
For a family place, it was pretty posh - I'm talking waiters pulling out your chairs for you and laying your napkin on your lap every time it came off. The food was pretty posh too.
We all had starters and mains because my mum said the portions were small but I just about managed to finish mine before feeling too full.
I had Minestrone soup which was really good and made me think that it would be a good recipe to make when I'm in Glasgow. 
I followed that up with a pasta dish that had chicken, sun dried tomatoes, cream, cheese, garlic... All the good stuff in the world, really. 

It was really yummy, and as you can see my brother and sister shared a pizza (which I had some of the crusts of, to soak up my pasta sauce)

Definitely a good place to go for a family dinner or a nice couples meal. The food is really good and the service is amazing. It is pretty expensive though... So maybe it's a better place to go for a date, so you can impress your partner!


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