Gym Time!

Just got back from the gym and my legs are killing me!

I wanted to try and run 10k, but I got to 5k and was bored so I stopped - I'm so dedicated....
Whenever I go to the gym and run, I always try and run 5k as fast as I can, but I thought I should try a longer distance this time. I went slower so that I could reach 10k (even though I didn't), and it was fine but for some reason my legs hurt a lot more than they normally do...

I should probably try a different method though, and increase my distance 1k at a time - might be a more realistic way of reaching 10k.

Here's a little motivational picture for me and for anyone reading :)


  1. I’m glad that you are still continuing your exercise routine, despite the pain you are feeling in your legs. However, for the assurance of your health, I recommend that you consult a doctor and get advice on what precautions you should take. Thanks for sharing that, Toni! I hope you are faring better these days. All the best to you!

    Marc Chambers @ 34-North

    1. Hey! I've actually fallen off the exercise bandwagon since last writing that post and have just recently gotten back into it in the past few months. I'm going to be writing a post soon about my new exercise routine! Thank you so much for your comment! All the best to you too :)


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