Flight Back to Glasgow!

So I always fly Emirates when I travel between Glasgow and Singapore, so I've racked up a number of air miles and I have a Silver Membership Card. Every single time I fly I always ask if there is a possibility of me being upgraded, which normally is answered with a laugh. Same thing happened this time. However, when I was in Dubai and I was entering my gate to board, the guy scanning my ticket told me to hold on for a second and walked off somewhere. I started to panic a little because I thought something had gone wrong with my ticket, however he came back and informed me that I had a business class ticket now because economy was full. I squeaked with excitement when he told me - he looked so unimpressed. 

After the first leg of my journey, I was so tired and felt so sick so being able to sit on a chair that folded down completely flat, meaning I would be able to properly sleep, was a godsend. Not only that, but the air hostess came round asking anyone if they wanted a mattress to put on their seats (!). Plus the food was so good - just look at that lunch menu! I had the Arabic Mezze to start with and then the Beef Pepper Steak, which was delicious.

It was great when I landed as well. We landed, and I was back at my flat within 35 minutes which has never happened before. It was amazing. I was straight through customs, my bag was one of the first ones out, and there were loads of taxi's waiting outside that I was able to get into straight away. It was amazing. Hoping it will happen again! 


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