Burger Meats Bun! [Glasgow]

A couple of nights ago I went out to get something to eat before going to see Dracula (which is pretty good by the way, you should go see it). After walking around for a bit we managed to find the basement location of Burger Meats Bun - a really good burger joint. I was actually feeling sort of sick before this but the burger made me feel way better. It was pretty delicious.

We both ordered the Smokin' Bacon. The best Scottish beef on fresh gem lettuce, juicy vine tomatoes, cucumber pickles, home cured and smoked bacon, barwheys, spiced ketchup, their very own burger sauce and braised onions all on a brioche bun. 
It was so juicy and flavourful and tender and the bread was amazing (I've talked before about how much I love brioche). It's not the most attractive thing to eat because you get juices running down your face and your hands but they bring you a roll of kitchen roll to help deal with this and it tastes so good you don't even care. 

They bring out the burgers wrapped up in paper - no plate or anything - which adds to the relaxed, casual feel of the place.

Because the restaurant is in a basement location the lighting wasn't the best so, sorry for the rubbish pictures! Even if it doesn't look that appetising, it was so good! I definitely want to go back again and order their wings, or chips (you can get Thai chilli cheese chips which sound amazing), or donuts and dipping sauce. Or maybe all of the above!

If anyone is ever walking around the city centre of Glasgow, you should definitely stop in to Burger Meats Bun to get an amazing burger.


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