Date Night with the Flatmate!

A complete disaster happened on Friday. My water bottle managed to spill its entire contents into my backpack, which contained my laptop, which of course got soaked.. and then refused to turn on. If that wasn't bad enough, it happened right before my Anti-discrimination Law seminar so all my notes that I had spent ages working on, I no longer had access to. 

I had to book an appointment with the Apple store in town to try and get it fixed but the earliest appointment they had was today at 4:30. I went along hoping that they would magically be able to salvage my laptop... but no such luck. She said that the insides were completely corroded and had turned green (?!) and it was going to cost £500 to fix it. Great. The only good news was that my hard drive was fine so she managed to get that out of my laptop for me so I still have all my uni work, thankfully! 

Knowing that I would have to pay £500 to get it fixed plus it was going to take a few weeks to do which isn't really helpful seeing as I have uni, I thought that it might be better just to get a new laptop, like a HP or something which you can get for around £300-400 and then transfer all my data from my hard drive on to it. I was whatsapping my dad about it to get his opinion and he very, very kindly said that I could get a new Macbook Air which was so generous of him.
So here I am, typing on my new Macbook Air!!

Throughout the ordeal of going to see if I could fix my laptop, to go to try and find a caddy to hold my hard drive, to looking for cheaper laptops and then back to the Apple store to get a new laptop, Ashleigh was accompanying me trudging around in the rain. Seeing as we were already in town we decided to have dinner out - a little flatmate date night!

We went to Zizi's seeing as Soba was completely full and they gave us a seat on the upper level so we could look out onto the floor beneath and people watch (mainly the long table that you can see in the bottom of the picture). 

Here's a picture of our lovely dinner just to make you all a little hungry. Red pesto, creme fraiche, spicy piccante chicken, spring onions and pasta. Doesn't get much better than that!


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