Spicy Chicken Riggies!

I had someone over for dinner last night and I wanted to make something quick and easy but yummy. I found this recipe online recently and I thought it was perfect seeing as everything is done in one pot. The pasta even cooks in the sauce! Not only does that make it easier to make but it also limits on the washing up that I have to do afterwards which is always an added bonus. 
There's nothing worse than cooking a great meal and watching the dishes pilling up by the sink and realising with a horrible feeling that you'll have to wash them all by hand at some point in the near future... but that wasn't the case with this dish!

It's not a great picture because it was dark at the time but still.. it was great! I think it's my new favourite pasta dish. I'll definitely be making this on a regular basis. I got confirmation from my guest that it was really yummy and he can't just have been saying that to make me feel good cause he had about 3 bowls of it. So it was definitely a winner! 

Because the pasta cooks in the sauce it really soaks up all the flavour making it so delicious. I just pasta dishes that have a tomato-y cream-y sauce base. Plus the addition of a cup of parmesan just made it so gooey and cheesy. Delicious!

This dish also made me realise that I should always keep tins of chopped tomatoes in the flat because basically every single recipe calls for them and they're just such a great necessity to have.

I made the pasta dish without the chicken basically because I couldn't be bothered spending money on chicken but it was still amazing so I can imagine the addition of chicken would just send it over the edge.

There's the recipe for anyone wanting to make this creamy, gooey, tomato-y goodness.


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