The George in Oxted!

I've been super busy lately so I'm a bit behind on my blogging.. but I've got lots of posts to come! My family were over from Singapore this past week which was an amazing surprise. They rented a cottage in Ayr which was gorgeous and they stayed there a week before flying down to London to visit Megan and Matt. I went down with them but on a different flight.

When we were there, we went to The George which is in Oxted. It's a gorgeous little inn that was originally built in the 15th century that does classic pub food and delicious fish dishes.

To begin I had the smoked mackerel pate with pickled beetroot ribbons and crisp breads. It was so good. So salty and textured and rich in taste. The only thing wrong with it was that the bread to pate ratio was wrong - not enough bread! It was so beautifully set out as well. Look at that picture - isn't it pretty!

To follow I had that baked cod supreme wrapped in parma ham with creamed potatoes and pea sauce. It was absolutely delicious. No joke, it was amazing. It almost made me wish that I hadn't had the mackerel pate because I was too full to finish all of my cod. The cod was so soft and tender and flaky but it was wrapped up in this crispy salty parma ham and the difference in textures and flavours was so good. On top of that, the pea sauce tasted exactly like the pea soup that we have at home which I absolutely love so that was just an added bonus.

If anyone is ever in Oxted (Surrey) they should definitely go to The George. Every dish that everyone at the table had was delicious (and there were 7 of us so that is saying something). Especially the fish dishes.


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