Baked Italian Oregano Meatballs!

Who doesn't love meatballs? I've never made my own and a few weeks ago I decided to go all out and get all the ingredients to make my own by hand. They were so good. And so satisfying to know that you made them all by yourself!

They're also really fun to make if you like getting your hands dirty. Since getting my kmixer I've stopped baking by hand so I don't really get to feel food in between my fingers anymore. This meatball recipe made up for it though! I got to squish all the sausage, eggs, bread and flavours together to make the yummiest meal ever.

The only thing wrong with this meal was that you don't fry the meatballs at all - you bake them. Although this is probably healthier, you don't get the crispy crust that I really like on meatballs. Without it I thought the meatballs were a little too soft and didn't have the colour that I wanted on them.

But that's a lesson learnt for next time! Even by baking them, these were still delicious. There's so much flavour packed into them and again, I can't emphasise how accomplished you feel when you make your own meatballs from scratch instead of just buying them from the store. 

Let me know if you make these meatballs and what you think of them! Its one of my favourite blogs - I love all their recipes and the pictures they use to show them off. Check it out!


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