Dissertation handed in!

It's in! It's finally over!

I finally got to hand in my dissertation a few days ago and what a relief! I say that, but it wasn't actually as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Everyone always complains about how dissertation time is the worst time of your life but it's not that bad. Well, maybe it is if you leave it till the last moment but for some reason I started mine really early so I actually managed to finish it pretty early without getting too stressed out over it. I even handed it in before the due date!

The worst thing about it was cutting the words down. No matter what I did, my word count didn't seem to be going down or was barely going down at all. It was so annoying! There were so many times where Word said that my word count was under and I'd check a bit later and it was over again. I don't know why it kept on doing that... Maybe it just kept on not counting my footnotes. Which are so annoying by the way! I don't see why they're included in the word count. It doesn't add to your dissertation and it decreases the amount of words you can use to actually make your point. It's so annoying. But oh well! It's over!

For anyone that's interested to know, I did a comparison of the design of the main pieces of legislation in the UK and Nepal on child trafficking. Essentially, the conclusion I came to was that the Nepalese legislation [The Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act 2007] is designed better in order to meet the aims of Nepal, than the UK legislation [the Modern Slavery Act 2015] is designed in order to meet the aims of the UK. Unfortunately, however, there are more obstacles that Nepal have to navigate around i.e. poverty and government corruption and so child trafficking is worse there than it is in the UK, who have a much simpler problem to get around in order to combat child trafficking, even though the legislation is designed better.

And in order to celebrate my dissertation hand-in, my lovely sister made me dinner on Friday night! We had smoked salmon and cream cheese to start, a sweet potato curry for the main course and strawberries and chocolate sauce for dessert! It was really yummy and so nice of her. 

Anyone else just handed in/about to hand in their dissertation? How did you find the whole process? And what was yours on?


  1. Thanks a lot for posting. It will help me to finish my thesis in time. I was looking for this file for a few days. I even thought to buy a dissertation or at least a few chapters of it.


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