Dangers of drugs for tourists in Thailand!

I absolutely love Thailand. I've been a couple of times, once on a school trip [to Chang Mai] and another time with a couple of friends after we graduated school, to Koh Samui. 

Koh Samui was beautiful and it was so much fun. I definitely recommend it.

There were beautiful beaches...

... loads of fun activities to do, like jet skiing...

... going on quad bike treks through the jungle...

... and much more. Plus, the people were so nice!

This was one of the guys that worked at the hotel we were staying at. He actually knocked on our door the night before we were due to leave to ask to have a picture with us. Could be seen as kind of creepy... but he was really nice about it. 

Despite all the fun we had, it was obvious that there were loads of tourist traps and it was mainly a huge party place. When we went to one of the main areas, it was just bars and clubs and strip clubs again and again and again. Each place serving BUCKETS of alcohol for hardly any money at all. It's no wonder that we saw so many drunk (mainly Westeners) going crazy. 

Also, whilst we were there, the Full Moon Party was going on. Everywhere we went, people were trying to sell us tickets to the infamous party but I had been banned by my parents from going plus it wasn't really our scene anyway. There are horror stories that come out every year from the Full Moon Parties and its just one of the situations in which drugs and alcohol are a major danger to tourists in Thailand. 

One of my latest pieces for Affairs Today is on the danger of drugs for tourists in Thailand - give it a read and let me know what you think!


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