Chicken Enchiladas with Green Tomatillo Sauce at Margaritas!

After church today the family was starving so we decided (under the continual insistence by my little brother), to go to Margaritas which is a Mexican restaurant situated in Dempsey Hill. It is pretty expensive (SG$30 for chicken/beef fajitas) but then again, everywhere in Dempsey Hill is expensive so you do know what you're getting yourself in for when you go there to eat. 

Despite the fact that I was just saying how expensive they were, I used to always get the fajitas when I went there. However, when we went today for lunch I thought that I would try something else on their menu which turned out to be a lot cheaper and just as good as the fajitas. Chicken enchiladas with green tomatillo sauce (SG$19). Two tortillas filled with shredded chicken and covered in melted cheese, green tomatillo sauce, sour cream and jalapeƱos served alongside some rice and refried beans. It wouldn't be a Mexican meal without some refried beans!  

It was really yummy and super filling! Despite all the green tomatillo sauce it actually wasn't that spicy at all so anyone with an aversion to spice would still be able to order this and enjoy it! 

My mum ordered basically the same as me but the tortillas were filled with shredded beef instead and covered in red ranchera sauce so it was a lot spicier. My dad ordered the Mole (a chicken dish with a sauce made up of lots of different spices and chocolate - although it isn't sweet). Here's a picture of it below: 

Anyone in Singapore wanting some good traditional Mexican food should definitely come here for a meal. Although it is pretty expensive you do get a lot for your money - the portions are huge! I highly recommend it.


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