Tomato Bacon Bisque!

I had lunch out with Jess and Millie today at P.S. Cafe and shock, horror; I didn't have the smokey tomato rigatoni pasta! We all decided to branch out and try something different (which of course means we'll have to go back again to have our usual before Millie and I leave). I had the P.S. Turkey Cranberry Sandwich and it. was. delicious. Really yummy bread with mayo and cranberry jam and turkey and melted cheese and bacon. It was to die for. And of course we couldn't go to P.S. Cafe without having their infamous truffle fries, so we had a plate of them to share between the 3 of us. 

Because I had such a big lunch I really didn't want a big dinner so I thought, what's something light that I could have? And of course, the answer was soup! I love my soups... 
I decided to make a tomato bacon bisque that I've had bookmarked on my laptop for ages. - there's the link to the recipe.

It was super yummy. Unfortunately the recipe called for celery which we didn't have in the house so I just left it out and double cream which we also didn't have so I substituted by mixing 1/4 cup of melted butter and 3/4 cup of milk which seemed to work just as well :) I also didn't bother with the sour cream to put on top of the soup at the end but there was no way I was skipping out on adding the bacon! I had to have the bacon! 

There's a picture of my masterpiece above! The only complaint I would have about it was that I didn't blend it for long enough so there were still some chunks of onion but it wasn't too bad! Other then that it was delicious. Definitely recommend it! 


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