Loaded Baked Potato Soup!

I have been having a real obsession with soups at the moment. I keep on finding new recipes online that I want to try. So far I've made a lasagne soup, a curry soup and just today, a loaded baked potato soup. Got loads more to come though!

This loaded baked potato soup is full on carb comfort in a bowl. It's basically like cheesy mashed potatoes but more soup-y. It is so yummy and so filling and I just know it's going to be amazing on a cold, dark winter's day in Glasgow. 
Plus, it's topped off with bacon which just makes everything better!

The camera on my phone is pretty rubbish so it never does my meals justice.. However, there it is! Loaded baked potato soup in all its glory. There should have been spring onions in there but we didn't have any in the house.. oops. Next time! 

If anyone wants to give this recipe a go, I'll post the link below. Have fun and enjoy your carb filled lunch/dinner! 


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