P.S Cafe Turkey Cranberry Sandwich and Florida Key Lime Pie!

In my previous post I talked about branching out when I went to P.S Cafe and having the P.S Turkey Cranberry Sandwich. Well, I went there with my mum and dad for lunch yesterday and I had the sandwich again. I just can't get over how good it is. 

It consists of yummy homemade toasted caraway bread, layered with smoked turkey, grilled cheese, bacon, mayo and cranberry yam served alongside a flinders mixed salad with a cranberry-pumpkin seed pesto dressing. I mean... how amazing does that sound?! And judging from the picture above, it looks pretty amazing too, right?
My dad had the Georgia Reuben sandwich which he adored. He said it was better than my P.S Turkey Cranberry sandwich but I have to disagree with him although his did look pretty tasty. Layered turkey pastrami, grilled swiss cheese, sauerkraut and smokey BBQ-sauce on homemade multi-grain and rye bread with pickled baby cucumber and dressed greens. Sounds pretty good right? Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of his so you can't see how good it looked.
My mum went for something different and had a pasta dish instead of a sandwich. She had the Green Goddess Pesto Penne which is a seasonal melange of green garden vegetables tossed with wholewheat penne and their homemade herb pine nut pistou. As you can probably tell from the description, it's a very healthy meal. 

Because we didn't get an order of their famous truffle fries it meant that we had left room for dessert... perfect! 
I had their Florida Key Lime Pie whilst my mum had their Southern Fudgy Chocolate Pecan Pie and my dad had their Coconut Bakewell Tart. 

There's a picture of my delicious key lime pie. It was really nice and tart and just look at the great, bright green colour it was! It really hit the spot. 

For anyone thinking about going to P.S Cafe I highly recommend any of the dishes that I've just described in this post. Basically anything on their menu is great! Although it is kind of expensive.. $25 for a sandwich or a pasta dish. So it is more of a splurge place to go to with friends or family for a nice lunch.


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