Lime Crime Makeup!

I wanted to get up and go to the gym this morning because I haven't been in ages and I wanted to see if I could sweat this cold out but my mother banned me from going. Apparently I'm still running a temperature so she demanded I go back upstairs and change out of my gym clothes.. how rude. I guess I'll do a pilates or yoga video on YouTube instead. 

In other news, one of my elder sisters introduced me to this new brand of makeup called Lime Crime! She found it on an instagram post from a makeup blogger and it is amazing! They have such nice, bright colours and all the reviews seem to rave about their products. Plus they're all vegan and cruelty free so even better! I've fallen in love with two of their products and I'm going to have to order them online because I just have to have them!

First is their Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine Lip Colour. 

It's a long-lasting, waterproof liquid lipstick that goes on as a gloss but then dries completely matte. The colour is amazing and I love the fact that it has a matte finish! It's only £13.50 so I'm definitely going to order it.

The second product of theirs that I want is their Lime Crime Uniliner Liquid Eye Liner in the Quill colour (which is a shiny black).

Apparently the eye liner is smudge-proof and the precision brush allows for "razor sharp lines" which I am totally up for! Whenever I apply liquid eye liner it's always wobbly which means I have to go over it more to cover up my wobbly lines and I end up with basically my entire eye lid painted black just because I can't draw on a thin straight line! So hopefully this product will help! Plus it's only £9!

I can't wait till I'm back in the UK so that I can try out my new purchases! 
If anyone else in the UK wants to get any of the Lime Crime makeup products, go to They have a bunch of other cool products as well as stocking Lime Crime makeup! 


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