Sister's Wedding!

So I haven't made a post about my sister's wedding yet! After all the stress of organising it (not that I was involved in organising anything but she hated the whole process and I was there for all the hatred...) the day finally came and it was amazing! 
The bride and bridesmaids (of which I was one of them) stayed in Mar Hall the night before the wedding and then got ready together the morning of. We all got our hair professionally done and Colleen got her makeup done for her. She looked gorgeous and her dress was amazing. It is exactly the kind of dress that I want when I get married. I was taking pictures throughout the whole getting ready process and I managed to capture the moment when my dad saw her for the first time in her dress... it was so emotional! He was trying so hard to hold back tears which of course made all of us cry! 
It was then off to get into the cars to drive to the church. The bridesmaids arrived first and the bagpipes started playing when she pulled up with my dad which we got to witness and it was an amazing moment. The service was short but so sweet. When my dad handed her over to Thom I honestly thought he was going to break down.. I have never seen him that emotional! And again, that set us all off! 
After the ceremony it was back to Mar Hall where there was a champagne reception for the guests whilst all the pictures were taken of the bridal party. It was such a nice day and the pictures were taken on the grounds and even though I was only outside for about 15 minutes, I managed to get sunburnt! 
Dinner (which was served in the marquee on the grounds of Mar Hall) was delicious but unfortunately it was so hot that my appetite completely left me and I could barely eat a thing so I had loads left over :( 
The band for the night was really good and there was a celeidh which was so much fun!
Basically it was an amazing night and the bride and groom had a fantastic time! 

I thought I would share part of my dad's speech. All the speeches were amazing, but my dads was particularly good. He even wrote a poem for his which I'm going to share:

So I will close with some words that I chose
Wisdom, advice that I gently propose
God has now made you one and not two,
And your journey in life will be complete and be true
From now on you are never alone
Where-ever you are with each other is home
Find in each other the humour and joy
Always remember the Girl and the Boy
Share with each other when your heart sings
And stand tall with each other in all other things
Love one another with all of your might
And never be angry at the end of the night
If you take away just one thing as I end

It’s that true love is being forever, good friends


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