A Taste of the American South with Lemonade, Cornbread and Chicken and Waffles at The Beast!

After our dance lesson last night (a post about that to follow), we were in the Bugis area and I suggested going to The Beast for a late dinner (I had read about it on a link to the best food competitions in Singapore that someone had posted on Facebook). Situated in Jalan Klapa, The Beast is a Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar where they not only serve up traditional home-cooked Southern comfort food such as cornbread, pimento cheese, country fried steak etc, but they also make their own bourbon. 

Not only have they done a good job in decorating the place to give it a Southern feel with their rusted oil drums, farm house lighting and salvaged wood counter-tops but their food is also a great homage to real authentic Southern comfort food. 

First of all their freshly squeezed lemonade is to die for. 
Served in traditional beer mugs, you can tell that is the real deal. It is so tart and sweet and doesn't taste like the usual run-of-the-mill lemonade that you can buy anywhere. They definitely make this stuff themselves and it is amazing. 

Secondly, their freshly-baked cornbread was delicious. We couldn't even wait to dig in before I managed to get a picture!
Any other cornbread that I've had in Singapore has been really dry and tasteless but this one was sweet and moist and tender. It was served with a big dollop of butter on top and a side of maple syrup to dunk the cornbread into which just added to its sweetness. 

For my main meal I had perhaps the most typical Southern dish you could think of - chicken and waffles.
Buttermilk fried chicken served on top of a crispy waffle drizzled with bourbon maple syrup. The chicken was so moist and juicy with a great crust on top of it and went great with the waffle. The waffle was also really good dunked into the maple syrup. You could definitely get a taste of the bourbon in it but it wasn't overpowering. 

Overall an amazing really authentic Southern meal. I definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting traditional Southern comfort food or a good selection of bourbon. 


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