Pulled Pork Spaghetti at Roadhouse!

As I had previously said, I was going to write a post on a new eating place in Singapore that I haven't blogged about before - Roadhouse. It's an American Diner situated in Dempsey Hill serving all American comfort food such as burgers, steaks, wings, all-day breakfast items and a couple of pasta items. Seeing as I love my pasta's, that's all I've ever had when I've been there although I have it under good authority that their burgers are amazing. Previously I've had their mac & cheese bolognaise (cheese cause, rich beef bolognaise, aged parmesan, monterey jack alongside some garlic bread) which was really yummy and rich but so filling - there was no way I could ever eat it by myself. This time, however, I had their 12-hour slow-cooked pulled pork spaghetti. It is to die for. It's sweet and spicy and juicy and meaty all combined with a great big helping of pasta. 

That's not actually my picture, I took it off the internet cause I accidentally deleted the picture of the meal that I had off my phone :/ Oops. 

Along with their delicious menu, the Roadhouse also offers The Terminator Challenge. 6 wagyu beef patties, 6 slices of cheese, streaky bacon, jalapeƱos, chillis, homemade sesame buns, coleslaw and fries. Finish it in 20 minutes and you get the burger for free and your name and picture on the Wall of Fame. No idea how anyone could do that but the challenge is there if you want to try! 

Another amazing thing about this restaurant is their desserts, or as they like to call them - Sinful Sweets. My mum always has the Warm Salted Triple Nut Pie whenever we go there which is basically a slice of pecan pie with a large dollop of ice cream and a great big drizzle of caramel sauce. It is so good. No matter how full you are you will always have room for this dessert. Another one that I've tried before is their Deep Fried Cheesecake. It sounds so sickly and disgusting but it is actually really yummy. It comes with vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis - if you get the chance to try it you really should. 

Despite the fact that the restaurant is in Dempsey Hill it's not that expensive. Dishes range from about SG$10-30. Only the burgers and steaks are in the SG$20-30 range.
I definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for some good old fashioned American diner food. Only problem is that the restaurant only houses 50 people so if you want to eat there you have to go at a non-busy time. Definitely worth it though!


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