Adidas by Stella McCartney and Krispy Kreme!

Stella McCartney and sportswear giant Adidas have teamed up to create a line of functional yet stylish sports gear! After having a look around the Adidas store today with my mum it appears that the clothing range takes a lot of inspiration from bright colours and animal prints. The brand's ClimaCool technology also ensures that all the pieces have superior heat regulation so you won't be as sweaty as you normally are in your run-of-the-mill gym clothes. My mother very kindly bought me one of the essential hoodies from the collection, as you can see from my shameless bathroom selfie below:

It has an oversized hood and a relaxed draping design around the neck which makes it great for working out in but the ribbed panel along the bottom hem pulls it in at the waist giving it more structure. Not only is it super comfy but it looks really stylish as well, something you can't normally say about work out clothes! There's no doubt that I won't be wearing this just to work out in Glasgow. 

Another item from her range that I've got my eye on is the Low Waste Hoodie. It's a casual soft hoodie in a light grey with short sleeves, side pockets and a zip fastening. 

Hopefully I can convince my parents to get me it for Christmas...

I think the idea of creating a stylish work out clothing range is great. Coming from someone who has recently fallen off the working-out band wagon, buying new clothes that I feel good in and think looks good on me really makes me want to get back into working out because at least I know I'll look good doing it! 

Getting off track from the whole working-out theme... my mum bought home a treat of Krispy Kreme doughnuts tonight! I genuinely don't think there's a better way to end the day than with a glazed devil's food cake doughnut and a cup of tea. 



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