Peanut Chicken Curry!

I've been craving curry for ages now (pretty much since I left Singapore) and so I decided to make some last night. Although its Indian curry I've been craving, I've had a recipe for peanut chicken curry bookmarked for ages which is more of a Thai curry and so I decided to make that. Did have some naan bread to go with it though, so there was an Indian element in the meal.

The recipe called for a tablespoon of fish sauce and I'm not really a big fan of that particular ingredient... I've made a peanut noodle dish before which had fish sauce in it and it just tasted so strongly of just that, that it overpowered everything else and it just wasn't nice at all... I was worried that this recipe would be the same. However, all the ingredients worked well and blended together to make a really yummy dish which was so rich and creamy and flavourful. 

Major disaster happened when I was cooking the dinner though. We have a cooling rack leaning against the side of the fridge because there's not enough counter space in our kitchen for it to lie flat on the counter and when I opened the fridge door to put the ginger back in the fridge, the cooling rack fell and hit the wok which started to fall and poured out half the curry onto the floor before I managed to catch it. It was such a stressful experience. Fortunately the recipe is for 6 people so there was more than enough left to feed me and Ashleigh. 

As well as making too much curry (even though that turned out to be a good thing) I also did the usual and made too much rice. I put in the exact amount that the package called for (60g for each person) and yet there was still so much rice. Too much for the two of us. I can never eyeball the amount of rice I need. It's the same for pasta. I guess there's worse things than having leftovers though.

If anyone wants to try this yummy, creamy and rich curry, here's the link to the recipe here:


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