Ristorante Pietrasanta - The Italian Restaurant

This will be my last post about an eating place in Singapore until I'm back at Christmas. Sad times. However, for my last Singaporean restaurant post, I have a pretty amazing restaurant to review. Ristorante Pietrasanta is run by two Tuscan brothers and serves fresh, simple and delicious Italian food in a comfortable Italian setting. Despite the fact that it is practically opposite my old school in Singapore (Tanglin Trust School), this was the first time that I've been there. 

Not only is the food delicious but the service is amazing as well. The waiters were so attentive and friendly. My little brother was complaining to us that he thought the seat was uncomfortable (he was a bit moody that night) and one of the waiters overheard and brought a pillow over and put it behind his back to make him more comfortable. How nice of him, right? The service is also really fast and our food was brought out in hardly any time.

When you arrive, each seat has a shot glass of homemade tomato juice waiting for them. I didn't have mine because I'm not a big fan of tomatoes but my dad was raving about it, saying how delicious it was.

We ordered a couple of starters between us to share. Insalata di farro in cestino di parmigiano and Vitello tonnato. The salad was made up of spelt, Italian tomatoes, cucumbers, crab meat and basil leaves with lots of parmesan cheese. The other starter was the star of the show though. Thin slices of slow roasted veal loin covered with a tuna and caper sauce. It was amazing. It doesn't look very appetising to be honest. It looks like a plate of cold, thick mayonnaise. But it tastes so good. I had been saying to my mum a few days before that I was craving this tuna baguette that we used to get from this sandwich shop in Belgium and no joke, this starter tasted exactly like that baguette when you used the bread they bought you to scoop up all the tuna sauce. It was so good. I definitely recommend anyone going to this restaurant to get the Vitello tonnato.

For my main meal I had the Galletto al forno con patate arrosto. Roasted whole spring chicken deboned with roasted potatoes and a spring salad. Even though the description said that it was a whole spring chicken I don't think I really processed that so I was pretty shocked when my plate came and saw the size of the meal. I think the waiters were pretty shocked as well when they realised that I was going to be eating it all by myself and not sharing it with the rest of the table. It was really good though. Very tender and succulent and flavoured really well. The roasted potatoes were good too but I kind of wish they had opted to put the chicken with mashed potatoes instead. Even though it was very good I kind of wish that I had picked something else on the menu instead cause I ended up feeling like all my meal was, was... chicken. 

I think the starter and the dessert were definitely the best parts of the entire meal. I ordered the Creme Brulee for dessert and it was gorgeous. I've never had a bad creme brulee anywhere. It is always so good. So rich and creamy with this hard caramelised crust. My mum, however, was not happy with her dessert. She ordered the Ricotta Cheesecake and was very disappointed that it wasn't sweet at all. I ended up swapping my dessert with hers because I didn't mind hers. True, it wasn't sweet at all but it was still pretty good. Just not what you really want from a dessert. 

All in all, Ristorante Pietrasanta was a great authentic Italian restaurant and I think its definitely going to become one of my families regular eating places.


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