Mongolian Beef and Chocolate Chip Muffins!

Another dinner party! Cosmo came round again for dinner and a movie night. My Principles of Healthcare Law seminar was cancelled today so I had a lot of time to clean the kitchen and go to the shops and bake/cook.
I feel like I'm always making chicken or pasta dishes so I wanted to make something different. Ashleigh doesn't like fish so my only other option really was making a beef dish (I don't have any pork or turkey dishes.. I should look into getting some of those). I decided to make Mongolian Beef seeing as we had most of the ingredients in the flat (garlic, ginger, soy sauce). All I had to buy was the beef and the brown sugar. Plus the ingredients for the Chocolate Chip Muffins.

They're both pretty easy recipes to make but they're really good. The chocolate chip muffins aren't actually that chocolatey which I was surprised at. They were still good though. And the mongolian beef was so good. 

Cheeky glass of wine there..

So there was a slight problem with the muffins.. The recipe said that mixture would make 12 muffins. That did not happen. Because there was so much batter but I only had a 6 space cupcake pan, I had to put muffin cases on a normal pan which meant that the heavy batter weighed them down and they lost their shape and went everywhere. Still tasted good though!

Look, perfect on the right and not so perfect on the left... oops!

There are the recipes there if anyone wants to make them!


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