LimeCrime Make-up Review!

I'm back with my review on my LimeCrime products! A few posts ago I talked about buying their Pink Velvet Velvetine Lipstick and their Quill Liquid Eyeliner. Well when I got back from Singapore I had a piece of paper waiting for me to tell me that my package was at the Post Office and I that I could go and pick it up at any time. So the day after I landed I walked to the Post Office to go collect my things. It was about a 25 minute walk. And when I eventually got there, filled with excitement about finally getting to hold my beloved make-up products, I was told that they only hold packages for 18 days before sending them back to the original sender. Of course I had been in Singapore when I bought the products and it had been longer than 18 days since they had sent them to me and me finally arriving back in Glasgow so.... my package wasn't there. Major bummer. However, I emailed Cocktail Cosmetics, the website that I ordered the products from and they replied the next day telling me that they would send out the products again, free of charge. So my traumatic experience was resolved pretty swiftly! Anyway, back to my review....

There's a picture of me wearing both the products just so you can see what they look like on.

Firstly, the Quill Liquid Eyeliner: It's described as being the "darkest black you've ever experienced" with a "smudge proof formula" and each eyeliner equipped with a "precision brush". They're right about the colour, it is a really deep black and it outlined my eyes really nicely. It is also pretty smudge proof. Whenever I put on eyeliner, it always manages to end up smeared around my eyes by the end of the day which is pretty annoying, but this one didn't! I'm not too sure about the precision brush though. Whenever a product talks about having a precision brush it gives off the impression that you're going to magically be able to create smooth, thin lines with precise coverage and that is just not true. No matter what brush you have, unless you're a professional make up artist or just really good at applying eyeliner, you're going to end up having to go over your eyeliner again and again to make sure its even and that the eyes match each other and instead of having a thin line sweeping across my eyelids I have a massive block of black. Although thats not the LimeCrime products fault, thats just my rubbish ability at applying liquid eyeliner!

Secondly, the Pink Velvet Velvetine Lipstick. This is my favourite product ever. I've been wearing it every day since I received it through the mail. It goes on as a liquid gloss and then dries completely matte. The description that is given on the website is that it is "touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!"Boy were they right. Guaranteed, you can put it on at the beginning of the day and it will look like you have just applied it by the end of the day. I put it on one day, wore it all day, ate and drank numerous times throughout the day and even had a nap and it still looked amazing at the end of the day! I just love it. It's such a nice colour and it makes your lips just pop and it doesn't fade. If anyone is going to buy one lip product, this has to be it! Not necessarily in this colour, they have plenty of colours to choose from but definitely this Velvetine product. It is amazing. 


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