Cajun Chicken and Sausage Alfredo Pasta!

Found a great new pasta dish! Best thing is, it's all made in one pot so it limits on the washing up you have to do afterwards.

It really is just a question of cooking some chicken, sausage and garlic and then throwing everything else in the pot [including the yummy cajun spice mix] and letting it simmer for 18 minutes.

It may seem like a lot of liquid but the pasta really soaks it up as it cooks...

And then you add all the yummy cheese!

And it melts in nicely :) 

Sorry for the blurry picture... I was too excited to eat to take a decent photo. This recipe makes a load of pasta by the way. Like, a lot! So either cut down on the ingredients by like 4 times the amount or invite a load of friends over!

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!


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