Rant of the Week!

I'm not normally negative on this blog but I have a few things that have been really annoying me lately so I thought, where else am I going to rant about it than here?

1) Zayn Malik 

I love Pillowtalk as much as the next person but Zayn Malik really annoys me. I hate how he left One Direction because he wanted time out of the spotlight and wanted to focus on himself and live a normal life and then immediately released solo music. I'm fine with him leaving, he can do what he wants, but don't lie about it. Especially when you know you're going to immediately going to go on a create your own individual career. And all of his interviews post-One Direction have been slagging the band off saying he didn't like their style of music and wanted to go his own way but his new stuff sounds like One Direction stuff anyway! But my main problem with him is his relationship with Gigi Hadid. I mean, how disrespectful do you have to be to get with another girl as soon as you break up with your fiance and publicly flaunt the new relationship way more than you did your old one, despite saying you wanted time out of the spotlight. They even did a couples photo shoot together in Vogue!

I just think that that is so rude and hurtful of him. Imagine being his ex and having to see your ex fiance and his new girlfriend everywhere. It would be horrible and make you feel so bad about yourself and he would surely know that but he doesn't seem to care enough about her feelings, even though he was in love with her enough at some point to want to marry her, to try and be subtle about his new relationship. Uhh! Men!

2) University application processes

University application processes. Oh my goodness. You think they'd make these stressful times easier for you but apparently not. After finally getting your application in, they make you wait for ages to hear back from them! This is the worst, especially for international students because we [although I'm not classified as an international student, my family still live abroad] have flights abroad to book which get more and more expensive the longer you leave them, but you can't book them until you hear back from the uni's you've applied to! And it's not like you can just ask them to hurry up because they won't do that. They don't care about individual people and they'll just do it when the deadline is, it doesn't matter to them that different people have different circumstances. Sure, you can email them and complain but realistically that won't change anything. They're not going to get an email from one person and be like 'oh this is inconvenient for this person, better speed up our process that we've had in place for years!'. I'm still waiting to hear back from one uni and its been months now. Another uni [I won't say which one in case they somehow find this and hate me] had me on a reschedule list for an interview because I couldn't make the first one [I had an honours class that day and my lecturer wouldn't let me miss the class], and then a few days ago I got an email from UCAS saying my offer from them had been withdrawn! Good thing I emailed them because they said 'oh there's an interview on Friday btw, if you're successful with that we can update your UCAS status'. One, that's not what a withdrawal of an offer means and two, if I hadn't have emailed the woman, I don't think I would have been informed of the interview because it was a day and a half before the interview day!.

3) Music elitist's 

This hasn't really been bothering me this week in particular but it is one of my pet peeves and I was just talking to someone about it so I thought I'd put it on here. I hate with a passion when people think they are better than other people because of the music they listen to. They look down on other music tastes or other artists that people like as if they are 'worse' than them. Like, you're not special just because of the music you listen to! Who cares what other people like? People are allowed to like and connect with different types of music and that's their choice! Just because you like an 'unknown' artist or someone that was from before your time does not mean you are unique or deserve praise or recognition for your tastes. You just have different preferences to other people. Get over it!

Okay, rant over! Anyone agree with me? Disagree with me? What are you ranting about this week?


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