Chicken Stew!

Here's a recipe for some humble chicken stew!

If you have any leftover chicken breast or roast chicken hanging about in the fridge, this is definitely the recipe for you. It's one of those recipes where you can just chuck in anything you fancy and it all works. This recipes calls for mushrooms but as I have probably stated many times before, I am really not a fan of mushrooms. I put extra potatoes in and some frozen peas and when I still found it too watery, I added in some leftover risotto rice that I had in the back of the cupboard which really thickened up the sauce and made it more filling and added more texture.

This is such a heart-warming meal and great when you want a bowl of something warm and filling. It says it feeds 4 but this pot was never ending! I had it for like 3 nights in a row and there was still so much left over so I put it in the freezer. 

If you're on a tight budget, looking to feed a big family with lots of leftover bits and pieces in the fridge/cupboard, this is the perfect meal for you to make something filling and comforting!


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