New hair! The Lunatic Fringe [Glasgow]

I got my dip dye back!

It's a lot more subtle than the last time! The last time I got it done it was like platinum blonde. I loved it then but it was pretty shocking. Especially for my parents! But this colour is so much more natural.

I got it done at The Lunatic Fringe on Bank Street. It's a small salon but its really nice and the women that work there are so friendly and so good at their jobs! Gemma did my hair and she was no nice. She had a quick consultation with me before the appointment started so she could make sure exactly what I wanted done, what colour I wanted my hair and what it was like last time. She couldn't believe how blonde my hair was the time before!

Ashleigh and I went together and we both got the ends of our hair died [I got dip-dye, she got ombre]. And we both got pictures put on their Facebook page!

Anyone in the Glasgow West-End area looking to get their hair done, you should definitely check out The Lunatic Fringe!


  1. Great post. I want to see another types of hair. If you have another site about hair like, let me know .
    Thank you


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